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Zummy140-Piece Set of Transparent Number Tiles

Zummy140-Piece Set of Transparent Number Tiles

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Explore the world of numbers with Zummy's 140-piece set of transparent digital mathematical building blocks! Crafted from high-quality materials with smooth edges, these captivating number tiles are the perfect size for tiny fingers to hold comfortably. Delight your children for hours on end as they stack, sort, and explore, nurturing their hand-eye coordination and counting skills through play. Let your child embark on a thrilling journey of discovery and learning with Zummy's 140-piece set of toy number tiles. These captivating and educational toys are designed to make math enjoyable, ensuring your little scholars receive the perfect head start in their early education

Early Educational Toys: Keep your child engaged and entertained for hours, as the stackable numbers develop their hand-eye coordination and counting skills.  Math Teaching Aids: Turn difficult and boring math concepts into easy-to-understand games, making learning enjoyable for your little ones. Great for homeschooling and teaching environments. Variety of How-To-Play Options: Unlock a plethora of creative possibilities with our guide, offering a variety of intriguing and practical games to fuel your child's curiosity. Premium Quality: Made with durable and transparent materials, Zummy's number tiles are built to last, ensuring long-lasting educational fun. Boost Cognitive Skills: Encourage critical thinking and problem-solving abilities through exciting math challenges and exercises with our versatile number tile set.

140 Tiles Pieces Storage Bin


DIMS 10"x7"x7"

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