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Musical piano toy

Musical piano toy

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Mode 1- Piano key: do re mi fa so.
Mode 2- Music playback: 20 songs music, press any key to play.
Mode 3 - Play the piano function: Play each song according to the rhythm of each button.
Mode 4 - activating the register function, pressing the flashing key, means damaging the register. It is a full-featured baby piano musical toy that combines music/song/game/hypnosis to understand color, shape and light, it is a good helper for young children.

 Musical instruments for piano and drums are a perfect educational toy that benefits the development of babies
(1) different sounds allow the baby to perceive a temperament;
(2) promote the development of the baby's brain and improve memory;
(3) develop the baby's musical talent;
(4) use your baby's finger all the time;
(5) Baby tactile training to promote hand-eye coordination This is a great toy for babies 6 months and older. This is a great birthday gift combined with education and endless fun.


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