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Kids Magnetic Blocks

Kids Magnetic Blocks

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 Development of physical skills: when raising and lowering the stones, your baby will exercise his body and develop his motor skills.👶🏻

Development of hand-eye skills: during a branch in building the tower, the baby will develop his springy and hand-eye skills. This will help in his physical and independent development.👶🏻

Material - Plastic


Recognition of shapes and colors: the stones in the games also as material for recognition of shapes and colors. Babies need to recognize the geometry of the stones, they learn to understand the distinction between different colors.👶🏻  

Sensory information: the contact with the stones will provide the baby with a sensory information experience, such as a drink in terms of a screen, a screen drink, and a texture.👶🏻  

Cognitive development: building a tower requires thought and coordination between hands. Your baby will improve his cognitive skills and develop his ability to deal with mental challenges.👶🏻

  A source of enjoyment: playing tower blocks is not only educational, but also offers enjoyment. The babies enjoy building the towers, and you can enjoy watching their development and presenting a creation.👶🏻

  Baby can take the stones with: Some tower stone games are in a carrying box or carrying bag, which makes it easy for a baby to carry the game wherever he goes.👶🏻  

Suitable for all ages: the tower blocks game is suitable for babies of different ages, it can be used as an educational and fun game from all preschool ages.👶🏻

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